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Internship Programmes – what are they all about? In its purest form, an internship (through the eyes of an intern) should be seen as a stepping stone in career development. Your internship will last several weeks/months and is not a prelude to what your life-career will be - it's a learning experience. Some notable people who have done internships in the past are – Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Jodie Foster, and Stephen Spielberg... and while our internship programme may not launch your career to the dizzy heights of those mentioned above, it does show that internships have been around for quite some time!

INI offers several internship destinations – aimed at developing the skills of students & graduates residing in Ireland by offering domestic internships & international internships. We also aim to attract students and graduates from abroad who wish to do an internship in Ireland. A lot of experience in organising internships, and an occasional lucky break, means that INI are best placed to serve the growing needs of student/graduate interns.

Our destinations have been carefully selected, and because we are very aware you are capable, and intelligent enough, to perform an internet search to find typical destination information, we have decided just to fill you in on the important information about what each destination offers. Of course, you may download the brochures from our website too - which contain all the usual information about each destination.